The Vision of Deepshikha Mahila Bal Utthan Samiti is to help bring about greater justice for the weakest sections of the Society. Deepshikha Mahila Bal Utthan Samiti firmly believes that the key to this lies in the Economic Empowerment. Deepshikha Mahila Bal Utthan Samiti is a dynamic and self-sustaining Social Welfare Organization committed to effectively transform women, children, youth to their fullest potential, empowering them to become honest, highly motivated, productive and self-reliant members of the family, community and society.


  • Develop wide-ranging and incorporated program for children, women, youth and people
              towards potential edifice and independence.
  • Empower Women’s, Youths, children, people andfamilies in making responsible and
             knowledgeable decisions on the basis of their sound conviction, rights, opportunities
             and obligations.
  • Develop public awareness on the conditions of Women, children and youth towards building          social responsibility and commitment.
  • To mobilize and harness the power of children, youth, women and people at large to combat
             illiteracy, ignorance, gender discrimination and the evil of addiction with an ultimate aim of
             crime prevention and development.


The Organization officially came into existence only when it is registered i.e. on 30th January 1987. But unofficially formed much earlier in Year 1980 to do something concert for marganilised and under privilege sub population in socio economic field. They manifested the following objectives:-

  • Women Empowerment through socio-economic development programs and initiatives
             emphasizing on vocational training as per stakeholders capacity and likeness.
  • Medical, Health, Family Welfare, RCH, Safe Motherhood, School Health, Health
             Education, Health Awareness for AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, De-addiction, Anemia,
             Malnutrition, Blindness, etc. activities for urban slums and rural areas.
  • Environment Building for fuller physical, mental growth and development discarding gender biasness.
  • Initiatives for educational institution from primary to university level for marginalized girls/women.
  • Interventions for welfare activities like Mahila Ashram, Women Hospital and other technical adds to downtrodden women.
  • Establishment of Day Care Centers & Welfare Activities for old age {60+}.
  • Sharing of benefits of development programs on equality and fraternity.
  • Networking with sister concerns, organizations and government institution on participatory plank.
  • Promotional activity and catalytic activity approach for small-scale industries including for initiative collaborating with Khadi          Gram Udhyog.
  • For welfare of disables, vocational training to physically handicappeds, polio correction surgery operation camps, establishment          of special schools, awareness generating activities for prevention and rehabilitation, supply special aids to disables, etc.
  • Mobilization and promotion of SHG’s, skill development training to rural women & youths.
  • To empowerment in girl child, infanticide, foeticide, dowry and education.
  • To uplift rural youth & poors and women in distress & difficult circumstances.
  • To assist in artisans/cluster development program, youth & tribal welfare program.