About Us

We are DSMBUS- Deepshikha Mahila Bal Utthan Samiti. Our journey started in 1980. Dr.Kiran Prajapati laid the foundation of the Society. The humble effort taken by Dr. Kiran Prajapati the Society - Deepshikha Mahila Bal Utthan Samiti was registered in 1987 under the Society Registration Act, 1958.

Since than we have grown from strength to and the Society is continuously Serving the Society. Our Scope of work covers a wide spectrum of development issues ranging from Medical, Health, Health Awareness, Family Welfare, RCH, Immunization, School Health, Health Education, Prevention of AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, De-addiction, Blindness, Malnutrition, Anemia, etc., Medical Mobile Camps, Orientation Camps, Vocational Training, Women Empowerment, Service For Disables, Environment Protection, Safe Motherhood, Water & Sanitation, Rural Development, Human & Women Rights, Nasha Mukti Camps, Polio Correction Surgery Camps, Artisan/Cluster Development, Old Age Welfare, Human Resource Activities, Youth & Tribal Welfare, Mobilization & Promotion Of SHG’s, Empowerment In Girl Child/Infanticide/Foeticide, Uplifting Of Rural Youth & Poor In Urban, slum and rural areas.

Our Philosophy

We aim to shower everyone’s life with brightness, love, care and affection. To do so, we apply a multidimensional approach focusing on Integrated Community Development to build awareness.

Local Context

Deepshikha Mahila Bal Utthan Samiti is located in Jaipur-Rajasthan, India which is the Capital of Rajasthan & also the Largest City in Rajasthan. Jaipur is the famous for its historical monuments and so is also considered as One of the Best Visiting Places of India. Jaipur is the First Well Planned City Of India, located in the Desert Lands Of India, Rajasthan. The City which once had been the Capital of the Royalty now is the Capital City of Rajasthan. In the present date, Jaipur is the Major Business Centre for the natives of Rajasthan with all requisites of a Metropolitan City. In a recent international survey Jaipur was ranked the 7th best place to visit in Asia and in another poll it was ranked 3rd among twelve major Indian cities. Modern infrastructural facilities are developing fast, and in many cases surpass those of larger cities like Delhi and Calcutta. The city is expanding very quickly and has become a hot spot for development in Rajasthan. Since 2000 Jaipur has become a centre for education. Since its inception, Our Society has been organizing various programmes for children, youth, women and workers in slum, unorganized sectors.